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Rubicon & Partners cooperates with the best professional firms and law firms specialized in their fields. In all our services, we work with a select group of strategic partners providing the highest standards of professionalism, innovation, local expertise and, above all, professional ethics.  Combined with our unique client-centered approach, we can confidently say that we offer one of the highest level of service experience in the market.


There are four key elements that underpin our commitment to business excellence:

  1. Local experience and knowledge: All of our strategic partners have a deep understanding of European and Latin American legislative, financial and cultural best practices and standards.

  2. Versatility: We offer different types of solutions tailored to the exact needs of our clients.

  3. Quality of service: We are 100% focused on providing a quality service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

  4. Ethics: In the world of international incorporation with the natural focus on tax optimization and asset management, a strong ethical framework is vital. We pride ourselves on applying strict codes of ethics and conduct in the development of our activities and ensuring that we work with companies that share our values.

"Fortune favors the bold"

Virgil’s The Aeneid, Book X, paragraph 284.

On a January night in the year 49 B.C., Gaius Julius Caesar hesitantly stopped before the Rubicon River. Crossing it meant that he was declaring war on Rome. In front of those reddish waters, stained by the iron deposits in the riverbed, he pronounced an immortal phrase: “Alea iacta est”: The die is cast. And he headed for Rome.

Today, “crossing the Rubicon” is less about “passing a point of no return” and more about embarking on a decisive venture or project that makes an important mark in your personal or corporate history.


Lucio Fernando

Founder & CEO


I am Lucio Fernando Chirinos, Founder and CEO of Rubicon & Partners. Crossing the Rubicon has a very special meaning for me. It represents “the second part of my life”.

I decided to seek new horizons and new opportunities. I left my country behind, as well as a successful career of almost 20 years in the corporate world. Why? Because of the possibilities a new country could give me and my family, both on a personal and a professional level. My Rubicon was the Atlantic Ocean. Crossing it meant encountering new challenges and new perspectives. I decided to become an entrepreneur and I also realized something as valuable as Julius Caesar in this time: Risking it all can give you more than you could ever imagine, whether your crossing is from Latin America to Europe or the other way around.

During these years of professional development, I have had the great honor of working in many different industries and international companies. I have, among others, held senior positions as the CEO of two major automotive companies and as Managing Director in asset management focused on alternative investments.

Throughout my career, I have also had the opportunity to conduct international business. With Asia, Europe, the US and LATAM. This has given me a solid intercultural know-how when negotiating and developing personal relationships in different contexts. I also know the legal, accounting and tax requirements and aspects that a company needs to fulfill when undertaking an international project.

As a senior corporate executive, I use my experience to assist companies by providing them with the best business advice in all fields necessary to successfully develop their international expansion projects in the most satisfactory, cost-effective and compliant manner and to find the common ground that ensures that cultural barriers never become an obstacle.

As a parent having arrived in a new country, I want to assist you who also decided to take a step away from home and start a new personal or family project, giving you answers to all the doubts you might have. My mission is to provide you with a set of comprehensive relocation solutions. We as a company aspire to help you make your journey, adaptation and incorporation to the new country as comfortable as possible for everyone involved.

Thank you for trusting Rubicon & Partners

How do we add value?

Rubicon & Partners is an international consulting firm committed to boosting your company’s global expansion and consolidating its internationalization from Latin America to Europe and the other way around.

We are also your personal strategic partner, offering integral solutions for residence, migration, real estate, financial investment and family mobility to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain-Portugal) and to Latin America.

With offices in Madrid, Spain (our European Hub) and Lima, Peru (our LATAM Hub), we are able to generate synergies that bring exceptional value. We work together with our clients as a single team with the shared ambition of achieving extraordinary results in the execution and realization of both your personal goals and your business goals, ensuring international expansion and mobility.

We focus on building solid and lasting relationships with all our clients, providing an individual and completely tailor-made approach.


A competitive economy that facilitates access to the global market through its membership in the European Union, the World Trade Organization and its many Bilateral Investment Treaties or BITs (2219 in force) and Treaties with Investment Provisions or TIPs (364 in force). 

Represents access to the world’s largest commercial market with +500MM inhabitants and proximity to North Africa (170MM inhabitants).

Spain is the 4th largest economy in the EU and the 14th largest in the world with a GDP of 1.4 billion USD.

European Market: Spain is not only the gateway to the European Union but also to Africa and the Middle East. It is of course a part of the corridor to the LATAM markets due to the shared cultural heritage and common language.

Of the 100 largest companies in the Forbes Global 2000, 70 are located in Spain.

More than 14.6M foreign companies have chosen Spain as a crucial part of their global presence.

It ranks 13th in the world in terms of foreign investment reception

Connectivity with LATAM (more than 600 million consumers and a positive GDP outlook) and MENA (500 million consumers and some of the wealthiest consumer bases worldwide).

Why Portugal?

Portugal is a country that offers attractive tax incentives to small and medium-sized companies in order to attract global investments and create a favorable environment for doing business.

Member of
the E.U.

Public Quality

Quality Public University Education

1,000 hours of


Strategically located for business and traveL



3rd safest country in the world