Banking &
Alternative Investment

Rubicon & Partners provides you with access to commercial and investment accounts of top-tier Spanish and international banks in AAA jurisdictions. In addition, we provide our clients with access to exclusive private banking segments in the European banking system. There, you will find services that are tailored to your financial situation, investment objectives and liquidity needs. We help you cover everything wealth-related.

Last but not least, Rubicon and Partners has meticulously selected and established business relationships with a portfolio of European alternative and niche investment funds, covering most of the asset classes within alternative funds. This gives you as an investor the opportunity to adopt a defensive investment strategy of regular portfolio rebalancing.

Remember that the right investment will grant you and your family access to the Golden Visa program in addition to a healthy ROI.

We offer Family and Multy Family Offices and ultra and high net worth individuals access to investment strategies in the following asset classes we represent and distribute



Sustainable Infrastructure

(funds based on renewable energy)

Real Estate



We are proud to offer our clients solid investment opportunities backed by highly professional management teams with an excellent track record

*We offer the opportunity to be exposed to digital assets in the most transparent and secure way through a Crypto Assets fund based in Luxembourg and regulated by the CSSF. This fund involves the most prestigious entities in the market as service and compliance providers.