Rubicon & Partners Luxury Real Estate is a professional real estate agency serving buyers and sellers of luxury properties in Madrid.

We understand that real estate is a key asset class that can generate income, provide capital appreciation, and diversify risk. 

As such, our real estate offerings provide a wide range of integrated solutions of the highest standard for high-net-worth individuals or affluent families looking to create, develop and/or manage a real estate portfolio in Spain.

Includes the following services:


We work closely with you to define your unique needs, whether for personal or investment purposes, either on a sole ownership or co-investment basis. We represent ultra and high net worth international buyers and sellers in the most exclusive neighborhoods in Spain. 

On a personal level, due to the amount of the real estate investment, through our holding company Rubicon & Partners we manage your Golden Visa Spain 

This allows you and your family the possibility of obtaining legally protected residency status, as well as the possibility of becoming citizens of Spain and therefore citizens of the European Union as a whole.


Vehicles oriented to tax efficient holding structures.

Which real estate investment vehicle is right for you or your real estate development company? Which structure gives you the best tax efficiency? 

Don’t worry, we know. We’re here to help you on your real estate investment journey.

We also ensure that all personal wealth issues are duly being taken care of, both for you and for your family. Examples of what we can do for you is the drafting of wills, the constitution of trusts and inheritance tax implications.


In close cooperation with our partners in Spain’s most exclusive private banking sector, we advise you on how to find the right financing for a home or any larger commercial asset.


Throughout the entire virtuous cycle of the business, we focus on speed and efficiency. Finding the best location and price in the purchase of the real estate asset paired with our architectural, remodeling and design services will help you achieve the best return on investment at the time of sale.


Inspired by modern aesthetics, we design unique spaces that perfectly combine style and functionality.

Starting with your preferences and wishes, our mission is to reflect your and your family’s ideal living conditions or office spaces as accurately as possible and create an interior that you are going to love, but also (should you so wish) a turnkey space with a classic style that will be as appreciated by you as it will be by your tenants or lessors. 

Our services include floor plans, 3D renders, author´s supervision and much more.


We ensure that our clients can enjoy their properties to the highest degree with zero stress. With the help of our external partners, we take care of daily repairs, maintenance, security and upkeep as well as the daily supervision of residential, commercial or industrial properties. 

With your assets safe and secure, you have greater confidence about freely determining your own future. Leave your most important property assets in safe hands. We’ve got your back.

Trusted Watchers

Your Trusted Watchers know where to look. Our mission is to prevent any potential issues before they occur. With weekly inspections, tests, and walk-throughs, your home will be kept in prime condition. We’re happy to be your peace of mind while you’re away.

Look, find, fix.

Your home’s assigned Trusted Watcher quickly becomes familiar with your home and thoroughly inspects it at each visit. If we find any discrepancies, we’ll immediately contact you with reliable options in order to resolve all issues as soon as possible.


Members of our program enjoy all the benefits of home ownership without any of the stress. This includes weekly, monthly, or biannual walk-through inspections, maintenance and repair, and a wide array of A la Carte Services.

Get started with a free consultation with us and we’ll customize a package that perfectly suits your needs!

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Get started with a free consultation with us and we’ll customize a package to suit your needs.